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Keyword WebsŪ, a subdivision of Keyword Tech, L.L.C., is a customer oriented company that believes in working closely with its customers. We deliver a fast response to customers' requests. Our philosophy is to be adept at professionally meeting the needs and wants of our customers, and to earn their respect through excellence.

We pride ourselves on collaborating with our clients to deliver web sites that truly suit their needs, rather than imposing "cookie cutter" web sites on our customers. What you will get is a uniquely designed site that will set you apart from your competition.


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Putting Businesses on the Web

We specialize in getting your business on the internet. We offer site or domain name registration, hosting, creation and design as well as e-commerce solutions that will allow you to put your products on the internet for worldwide sales.

Our design professionals can tailor a web site to fit the look and feel of your company and the image you want to convey. Whether you want a simple one page advertisement or have 200+ individual hotels you would like to advertise from a constantly updateable database, we have the talent and the experience to handle your site.

With our services, you get complete Web Site promotion and management. You need more than just Web Site hosting. To make your Web Site successful, you must have a site that generates traffic. Your content must be constantly updated. Your site must be designed to be "search engine friendly" and then submitted to the search engines. Our Guaranteed On Top division will place you on top of Yahoo! and numerous other Yahoo! powered search engines for a fraction of pay per click costs, guaranteed!

Hard Data

After your site is up and running we can give you the hard data concerning your site that you need.

Not just how many people have come, but where did they come from, what search engine or index sent them, what search request did they use, and which of your pages they visited.

For a sample stats page, click HERE.

  • Site and Presence Management
  • Design and Creation
    Design and create complete web sites.
  • Updates
    Regular content updates to keep your site current and the information up to date.

  • Getting Found
    Most of the sites we promote can be found on the first page of many of the top search engines for searches using the keywords our clients requested. Submitting your web site to the search engines and directories is the last step in achieving a high search ranking. To ensure that potential customers can find your site the first step is selecting design professionals that know what the major search engines want to see.

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